Energy exchange

Procedure of releasing ying, releasing yang, receiving ying, receiving yang, procedure of transforming energy through the body through many direction is the procedure of integrating to universe, our clothes have to be light, can absorb sweat without belt, when resting, we should take off our shoes, put the legs to the ground, when we enter a beautiful garden, we should enjoy and talk with it by receiving loving energy from the garden. When passing a smoke and dust area, the body is close, stops breathing, changes the body to the close state.

The close state: when the body does not adapt to the outside space, if the street has a lot of dust, we can stop breathing in the time and bring the body to tranquil state of practicing respiratory training, does not operate the body. That practice is as following: breathe in a long breath, gradually breath out, to the dust street, stop breathing to pass it. This state is similar to a bacterium in the space, it shrinks and becomes light which is as small as a dust, almost invisible and does not operate, it floats in a harsh environment for many years still the surrounding environment is suitable for them to be alive again. We should learn this method. The body circulating air to Plasma state will create a unified object to open or close, to communicate with the universe because a normal body can never adapt to the universe.

Most of the universe is random, thus mammals for example the human being has difficulties to live in it. The more we want to adapt, the more we have to integrate, we have to make us trees, stones, tree lives for hundreds of years, stone lives for thousands of years. Thus, our essence, our soul has to approach immortal, needs to be quite as a century-old tree, needs to be hidden as a stone. Thus, we have to integrate the universe and need an evolvement in the conflict between intelligence and life demand for the future. The human being at that time is just a fog; human form is merely to remember our beautiful origin.

 Method of integrating universe has to practice within 1-3 years. That is the beautiful time for our body to receive nature to absorb energy, purify bad energy in the body, and compensate energy continuously to create recycle endless energy for the body. From that, we can cure disease for patient without being afraid of bad influences. Universal integration is also the solution to gather the general which means releasing ying with Da Chu Tian (jiu ying), releasing yang with Tiao Chu Tian (jiu yang), the most evolving operatine of energy is call general gather.

When we use jiu yang which is Tiao Chu Tian to cure disease (patient suffers from dangerous diseases), we simultaneously take in universal energy to our head ad let that energy circulate according to Tiao Chu Tian. At that time, between we and patient, there will be an air convection, healthy and intelligent air will be pushed into the patient when diseased air will be released to us and integrate to Tiao Chu Tian (Jiu Yang Ching). Thus, that phenomenon is called total mobilization.

When a human body knows to mobilize totally, whenever we circulate Tiao Chu Tian- Da Chu Tian or releasing ying, releasing yang, that body begins to create total energy rate. The more we operate, the more we enter the unconscious system of flora state which means that daily body is always total mobilization.

In total mobilization, intelligence will involve in a miraculous way. The approach to Plasma state brings our body to a unified and small ovary. Long practicing procedure will bring us backward the time. You can stay forever at that age but your soul, your strength is younger to childhood and even younger, as a couple of cell of father and mother in foetus state.

In the procedure of mobilizing totally, we have to always remember childhood, separate past from the thought, the long practice in innocence (non action and non intension) creates an independent ego which does not depend on time and space. In the beginning we can look at watch when circulating, gradually we forget to look at watch as daily activities that we forget the time. That effects well to the procedure of forgetting unnecessary things for ourselves, does not let bad past cause troubles and human conscience.

Non-action and non-intension state is a perfect tendency of the human being in current modern society. We should forget unnecessary things and focus on necessary ones. During the time of circulating force, it is totally tranquil, however, circulating force is the procedure of tending energy flowing in the body, procedure of consuming energy, procedure of collecting energy from outside, absolute language procedure which helps all energy procedures of having tendencies, language procedure has characters as questions or suggested answers for us or suggesting for patient for us or patient to think about the point to cure and curing method.

A good heart doctor will be twice as good if he knows respiratory training, chanting mind knowledge, best method to cure the disease is using less medicine, however, using respiratory training to cure heart disease of heart doctor will bring good result because on one side doctor transfers good air to the area that need curing to the disease become healthy and read the method of curing diseases briefly such as insinuated by suggestion which makes patients believe and loose the feeling of fighting against of the body, from that the miracle will come soon as the wish of doctor and patient.

Mastered respiratory trainer is the person who has best purity of premonition; they have less bad thoughts, express the logical characteristics, live harmoniously with partners. Information energy fields connects with partners, understand each other and combine again to make unification. Thus, respiratory trainer can read mentality of their partner in curing task, get acquainted and help each other, love each other or together sign economic contracts bringing benefits to both side.

Normally, people practicing calm mind have unhurried life, their mind is not bordered thus, when they face difficulties in daily life, that person will overcome by brief and intelligent solutions, many people like that will create a flexible society and punish individuals that fight against good things.

Non intension and non action is an imaginative space, cannot know volume and time, does not have small and large extreme. In non intension and non action, there is universe and in universe there is non intension and non action. Non intension and non action is the space which is oriented. Before we intend to do something, there is non intension and non action. However, until after practicing respiratory training, chanting mind knowledge, we feel non intension and non action but non intension and non action is not an absolute state because having non intension and non action, it has universal orientation, has general orientation about universal picture and relationships of hundreds of elements and their laws. Particles, radiations and existing universal objects exist and disappear. However, non intension and non action is the time and space and endless. Thus, non intension and non action is our counterpoises in endless creation in our life and work. If we are in non intension and non action, we will live forever.

1.1             Universal integration skill (receiving universal energy)

We have just mentioned the overview of integrating universe, about skill; we apply the Tiao Chu Tian procedure (yang ching) or Da Chu Tian (ying ching) and ying and yang harmony. When circulating the air in the opposite way, it means that we begin to integrate non intension and non action and circulating air. When we want to receive energy from the universe to our body, we close our eyes half and  think of the air flow can go from the outside of the big whirl in clockwise gather in black or white point to our head through the top of our head, to forehead, belly button or palm depending on our thought. If we receive energy, we also release energy.  Right after receiving energy, we use our eyes to have some suggestion to someone and insinuate others by definitions calling corporation when the order has been released and the partner accepts, it means that hypnotization is occurring.

If we want to get rid of dirty air we can release ying and releasing yang, circulate a ying air Da Chu Tian when we stand or sit on chair, two legs touch the ground, large energy flow gets stronger and stronger to create surplus potential energy in the body, at this time, we feel a soft whirl from deep down the ground to our two feet up to belly, to chest, to head and up forever. That is the procedure of releasing ying, in this procedure we throw the past to the outside of the air circle to the endless, that is bad past we have to purify energy for us to return non intension and non action.

If we store yang, we release yang. If we store ying, we release ying. If storing much yang but do not want to release, we invert the energy flow. For example, when we think of Jiu Yang Ching (Tiao Chu Tian) and we feel that it is enough and quite hot. If we want to stabilize, stop the ching flow and change to non intention and non action of meditation. After a while, bring the ching flow in the opposite way from head to the back along the backbone to belly and to chest up to head. In the procedure of circulating air to purify the body, in both ways, it still purifies. If curing for a ying cold patient, we have to provide yang continuously. Thus, we have to transfer an equal energy flow and integrate yang universal energy to the body, yang energy is when there is still light of the sun, ying energy is when there is light of stars and moon. At night, store and release ying, at day, store and release yang. If loosing a lot of yang air through the night, it is hard to store yang air again unless wearing shoes and burn a fire to keep warm and wait to the next day.

Person that integrates the universe, when walking in a sunny road, stores ying a lot, if he is so cold, he stores yang. When there are rain and wind, he circulates yang air as well as close the body without connecting with the outside, cuts energy field by ordering cutting the energy field, closes the transfer, increases resistance of the body, does not exchange electricity with the air. It means that he brings non intension and non action to the infinite, cuts the energy exchange flow in the body, no longer orients.

If the environment surrounding us is beautiful, cool, soft, we collect the halo of that environment by harmonizing sense and insinuate by the order let’s integrate the space and collect the halo of the space, after that comes the procedure of exchanging energy with the surrounding by sympathetic souls and at that time, fairies integrate us and surrounding us is we melting in this wonderful universe.

1.2             Exchanging energy with opposite gender person (opposite electricity)

There are some same sex people who love each other, marry each other. That is the gender change making them different from their gender, changed gender makes acupuncture spots change, make them male though female, female though male. The disorder gender procedure certainly exists with a suitable rate and is a natural law in the human society; we always have to respect their sentiment because it is a harmony in the nature.

We are starting a very special way, in the nature, male and female grow up and find out each other and make family. That is the loving procedure of the wonderful combination between ying and yang and always have strange inspiration to discover each other. It is hear where the unbalance electricity increases to a potential energy crashing into each other to create a conflict to build new roots. That procedure is created naturally, what is the most important issue in exchanging male and female energy to receive immortal?

Normally, we consider that when a male and a female combine, the sexual intercourse (both love and protecting race) is the most importance, sexual state and exchanging energy state are two different states. Sexual state through love and certainly male and female both release ying, release yang. The loving state and energy have many strange points. Energy exchange and loving will occur parallel and separately. However, when the energy is transformed, the procedure of ejaculating sperm may not happen. We reason this as following:

Mobilized energy has change direction to respiratory training, respiratory flow is mobilized in a dephasing way, does not directly stimulate to ejaculate sperm. As we know, energy of a male and female couple as well as knowledge of bio field which is next to each other, love each other will be oriented in a completely different way from the normal one. That is the procedure of reproducing children and that is the procedure of reproducing ourselves. One side is sacrificing total energy  of the two bodies to create a new body, one side is combining harmoniously, purifying at a very high level to overcome the normal threshold of the total mobilization, bring the balance procedure throughout the body and that is important support for immortal (not separate but reproduce)

People in the past also understand some points about sexual art which means that they limit sexual intercourse in a moderate way, love does not mean endless but mystery. However, most of the human being has live loosely, love means burning, and sex on bed, the viewpoints about sexual art in immortal way is a scientific point which base on some important arguments.

First, we should not avoid sex by medicine or by inhibit psychology which makes the human being to sex disability.

Human being should live naturally basing on their sentiment, can love, make love, marry, give birth to children … even free mind wants to be single but cannot resist sexual intercourse and have sexual intercourse excessively.

Thirdly, the human being need to studying biological field which is the procedure that does not lose a lot of sperm but that sperm also for our reproduction.

1.3             Procedure of reproducing the body

Choose for us a sexual mate who is harmonious in sex. In new culture area, youth know to cohabitate before marriage, in these places, there are opportunities to choose harmonious sexual mate. For old culture, it is a matter of luck, when there is a harmonious couple, though far away, they still wait, though just walking beside, they are harmonious in mind, not including have sex together. Procedure of exchanging energy will explain which couple is harmonious. Person, who understands immortal chanting mind knowledge is easier to choose husband and wife, even does not need sex yet.

Normally, the human being lives by altruism and offering. Two people marry each other. At the beginning, there is warm love, gradually it becomes a habit, understand more and find out some differences. At this time, who does not keep altruism and offering will be the first one to be born and can lead to separation as well. However, if understanding respiratory training, chanting mind knowledge, those issues do not often happen.

Of we do not lose a lot of sperm and that sperm transform in our body, meaning that the procedure of sperm changing to mind is maximum. That is the reproducing procedure for the body is occurring, if this procedure repeats many times to be saturated between the desire of making love and the mysterious circle to support the body of qi hai, at that time we are the fairy, the thread binding to the human being (opposite electricity) who is very strong and good but invisible as zero zero.

The loving thread zero zero means that not seeing, the tender of love of the couple having energy occurs harmoniously because it is used to exchange ying and yang energy in a separate and combined flow of love-air- mind, this tender and well balanced exchange is deeper than the origin couple changing ying and yang and normal chemical and biological influence until the strongest emotional state to the climax, after that state, it makes lose some capacity and does not have reproduction of both.

An energy couple will exchange each other in a life dance, as a rhythmical dance of aerobic. Thus, it ensures to foster the body, that is a transformation of an energy couple combining and replace weaknesses by strong points of the other’s ) the air will circulate through 2 people.

Nerve is a kind of passive information which is control by ADN through the activeness of ARN, a procedure of creating electricity will control our body. Respiratory training, chanting mind knowledge makes the arranging procedure more easily, gives signals to change the operation of the body, change in chemical and biological ARN and after a procedure of 8 years it will change the weak points of ARN. However, the most importance is the procedure of practicing continuously and faith to this task has to be always absolute as we believe saints.

When an energy person transferring his healthy energy for a patient, the body of that patient will have conflict and combination- healthy energy will conflict with weak and diseased energy and replace it by a harmonizing procedure. Thus, the person transferring healthy energy will be weak because of diseased of the patient; the information procedure of the disease will be informed to energy system for the patient to overcome disease.

A weak energy person can be weakened fast if he wants to save the patient with all prices. In all circumstances, energy person has to have 10 years of practicing and has to know how to take energy from the space to support energy transferring to the patient. If one does not strong enough, he should only instruct patient to practice respiratory training to cure himself.

Exchanging energy with space is the inside procedure. It means that we ourselves spread old energy to the outside and simultaneously collecting pure energy of the space surrounding us and that is the active procedure of the human being to the universe. In our surrounding space, there are many places that have dust, poisonous substances and places that are pure, noisy or quite… Let’s collect best things and ignore unnecessary things, let’s use the forbidden theory, our body will not know things that are not necessary for it. And that is the fairy origin surrounding us when we are staying somewhere very secular like lotus in mud; it is the time when we stay near Buddha…

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